Sunday, March 15, 2015

Once Upon a Time....Motion/DOF

Here are my examples of Motion/DOF photography...They are mixed matched but you can tell which is under each category (hopefully) haha...I decided to have a little fun with this shoot and tell a story through the pictures...It is about a princess leaving the castle for the day to take a stroll in the woods but then gets lost! Hope you enjoy!

This first photo is showing an example of DOF as the princess is bored on the steps of the palace. 

The next photo shows an example of motion photography as the princess is leaving for a stroll! The motion is in her hair as she moves quickly so she isn't caught!!

Here is the next example of DOF. It's almost like a secret camera caught her sneaking away!

Here is the next motion picture, as the princess is jumping over a creek! 

The next motion picture is less saturated. I wanted to give it a very soft but still pale look.

The next DOF picture is one of my personal favorite as the princess is relaxing and enjoying the views! 

In this motion picture I really tried to pump up the colors showing almost a fairy tale look.

This DOF is really cool because every time you look you notice more detail....For example did you see the diamond ring on the rock? Or the princess in the background? 

The princess is now in the woods for this motion pic! It looks rather windy! I hope she makes it out ok! 

Now she has made it home! and in honor of Cinderella she wanted to do a lost shoe pic! this is the final DOF photo!