Monday, April 6, 2015

Portrait Photography

I had so much fun photographing my best friends, who I believe were all models in another life! I used the same lighting technique for all of my photos. (as shown below) The only thing I changed were the positions the models faced. The backdrop is a grey patterned sheet that looks like rain. 

My theme for these portraits is "VULNERABILITY". I wanted to get models of different builds, sexes, and races. The reasoning behind this, is that it shows that EVERYONE gets to an emotional state where they feel vulnerable. It's not restricted to only the stereotype of girls or sensitive people. We would be surprised if we saw what went on when someone was alone in their thoughts. To help with my theme not only would the photos be edited in black and white, but also to show consistency within my sequence of photos the models would be dripping wet and appear naked. (you should have heard their reaction to it! haha) In my opinion these two things along with unique posing showed exactly the vision I was going for! Hope you enjoy!