Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Final Project

What does my photography mean to me? Is it a hobby, self expression, something to pass the time? I guess it can be all those things at one point or another, but over all those things I believe photography is art! It can tell a story, make someone laugh, teach a lesson, or maybe even inspire! 
For this series of photos my theme was "The Changing of Social Norm in Fashion" ok...so what exactly does that mean? As time moves on I notice that fashion statements are edgier, weirder, and in my opinion, they start to lose class. For example, the latest trend on social media has been putting ones lips into a small cup and sucking all the blood flow to the lip causing them to swell up and bruise. IS THIS FASHIONABLE? 
This series is important to me because with the changing of times moving so rapidly I am scared to see where the future of fashion is headed. So I wanted to capture this. For my series I told three women to where something they believe to be classy and fashionable, then I gave them the "futuristic makeover" to show where I believe fashion will be one day if we arnt careful. I mean I love the hunger games as much as the next guy, but I am not ready to dress like them! I edited the first photos in a really dull saturation to show that this style is slowly disappearing and the new photos are bright, and vibrant with high contrast. I hope you understand that while I am a fan of progressing as people I just want us to be careful in which direction we are headed!