Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello! As you probably know by this point my name is Jacob Estes...nice to meet you...unless you're a crazy stalker, if so LEAVE NOW. :) I am a senior at Bethel University. Well, I say i'm a senior...I've been here four years so I guess i've earned the right to say that...Who's counting credits at this point! Anyways, I am a singer/actor/dancer most of the time...It's my passion. I love to travel the world during the summer when I am not in school and perform in different professional productions. I love all things "The Arts". In my spare time I am a photographer (not professional or anything) but I love it. It's amazing what happens when you use your imagination. All of a sudden the old falling down building, a field of dead grass, your best friend, or even your little sister can become ART!  Wanna hear something cool? I am FINALLY taking a class to learn some stuff about the nitty gritty details of photography and I couldn't be more excited! This is the home base for all of my future projects! Stay tuned folks! We'll chat soon :) 

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  1. Jacob, these photographs are wonderful! I enjoy the various black and white photographs. They all have so much variety with mid-tones, shadows and highlights and I cannot pick a favorite! Great job!